Koa Niseko is a luxury development by Supernova Land, a private property development company headquartered in Hong Kong specializing in thoughtfully designed homes in spectacular places.

Koa Niseko is a luxury development by Supernova Land, a boutique property development company headquartered in Hong Kong specializing in thoughtfully designed homes in spectacular locations. Supernova Land was founded with the belief that real estate development can, and should, blur the boundaries between physical space and meaningful living through thoughtful, harmonious design. The company is managed and operated by a team of seasoned professionals with decades of collective experience in the property development, hospitality, construction, design, and branding industries.

Jason Kuok is the Founder and Managing Director of Supernova Land. He has over 12 years of experience in hospitality, residential and commercial development and construction under Kerry Properties and Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts. Under his direction, he also oversaw the operations and repositioning of Shangri-La properties across major cities in South East Asia and Australia.

A selected list of Jason’s notable projects includes:
Shangri-La Hotels in Tokyo, Paris, Maldives, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Cebu, Boracay, Hanghzhou, Jakarta; and mixed-used complexes for Kerry Centres in Beijing, Pudong and, Shangri-La Plaza in Manila. Jason graduated from UCL in London. He is an avid surfer and snowboarder and is the father of 3 children.


Partners & Consultants



Ryoichi Niwata is the founder of BOND DESIGN STUDIO Inc. (bond), a critically-acclaimed and award-winning interior design firm based in Tokyo specializing in interior design solutions for luxury hospitality environments.

Each unique space is composed of elements drawn from each property’s location, culture, and history, supported by Japanese philosophy and ideals. Traditional and modern materials, textures, and furniture combine to create new interiors that are elegant, engaging, and experiential.



Craig Takahata is creative director and founder of ZOO design group. With over twenty five years of global experience and expertise in hospitality design, he has led a number of major hotel, resort, office, commercial, residential, retail, mixed-use and master planning projects throughout the Pacific Rim, United States, and Asia.

Servicing hospitality clients abroad for most major and boutique hotel brands, Takahata’s approach to every project involves a deep understanding of culture and place-making, integrated into design and planning, creating a one-of-a-kind destination experience.



Hokkaido Tracks Resort Properties offers an “Owner First” focused asset management solution.

Drawing on 14 years of experience – from pioneering the Niseko property market itself, all the way through to building over 200 homes in the Niseko-Hirafu region – Hokkaido Tracks is the market leader in project and property management, providing a transparent, flexible, personalised service for luxury homes and boutique accommodation.


Curated by Koa

A Koa Niseko home is an expression of design, taste, comfort, and a passionate attention to the small things that elevate the living experience. Each Koa Niseko home comes fully-furnished: every room, every chair, every light. Every piece of furniture and artwork is carefully curated to express our design vision to its fullest.

With this in mind, we’ve enlisted some of the most internationally-renowned furniture and lighting designers and manufacturers to help us deliver this vision:



Ricardo Lighting is a leading lighting manufacturer with over forty years of experience in innovation, collaboration, and engineering excellence, building a brand that is associated with quality, aesthetics and extraordinariness. With core expertise in manufacturing decorative and architectural lighting, Ricardo offers bespoke service including modern chandeliers, floor lamps, and pendant lighting fixtures. Ricardo has developed an extensive client base ranging from some of the worlds most prestigious hotels to modern commercial and residential buildings.



Stellar Works is our lead partner in delivering the ground-breaking fully-furnished Koa Niseko experience, playing a crucial role in the curation and crafting of all of the furniture in the development. Drawing from decades of experience designing and supplying some of the worlds most revered hospitality brands – such as the Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts Group and Park Hyatt Hotels – Stellar Works brings to Koa Niseko a level of design, quality, and cohesion unrivalled in Niseko today.

Inspired by the long standing craft and industry of traditional cultures, Stellar Works represents a commitment to bridging the gap between old and new, east and west – in attitude, form and application.



Vantaly was founded in 1994, and established its first international office in Melbourne, Australia in 2005. Vantaly specializes in art planning and production for five-star hotels and resorts in the Asia Pacific region. The firm offers a commercially-minded art consultancy service across all areas of art planning, concept development and art supply, with integrated logistics and installation services.