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Stepping through the doorway, elements of Japanese and Scandinavian contemporary design intertwine in equal measure to create a warm, tangible sense of place.

Set amidst large, beautifully landscaped freehold lots, the Koa Villa is a 194 square-metre (2,088 ft²), two-storey, three-bedroom home including a balcony and a covered front porch, offering ample privacy and, during the warmer seasons, an abundance of private green space to unwind.

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The discovery of joy and intimacy through the appreciation of simple, fleeting moments.

Anchoring our vision is the Danish concept of Hygge. This philosophy fuels and energizes our design approach, inspiring everything from the masterplan, landscaping, and architecture, through to wayfinding, and the hand-curated fully-furnished interiors and accessories.

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Lofty ceilings and full-height windows bathe the interiors in natural light; while immaculately-curated interior furnishings create moments of intimacy, reflection, and delight. 

Feelings that the whole family will love and where great memories are sure to be made.


From the orientation of each tree, to the slope of each roof, to the hand-curated interior furnishings that come with each home:

Our design philosophy emphasizes a slow lifestyle, immaculate attention to detail, and thoughtful, opinionated design.

To learn more about owning a piece of the Koa lifestyle, talk to our team today and visit our on-site show house on your next trip.

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